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Allied ICT Finland (AIF) is a collaboration network of Finnish ICT research institutes and their cities, national ecosystems both applying and enabling ICT, thousands of researchers and more than 1200 companies.

Digitalization creates vast possibilities for growth, but new ways of agility, investments and partnership models are needed in order to succeed. Finland must be in the vanguard of new technologies and business opportunities. Allied ICT Finland offers a new model of action and investment, which aims to create a billion euro R&D leap.

Arto Maaninen

Financing is secured by utilizing several domestic and European funding instruments, capital investments from the companies themselves, and international partnerships.

Arto Maaninen, chairman, AIF national board

AIF will become the junction of large amount of research and business partners, all utilizing latest models of network economics. AIF creates foundation to required critical mass for large international productions of technology and services, and offers significant international contacts to partners and clients in order to create effective project portfolios.

Henry Tirri

Allied ICT Finland invests heavily in developing R&D value production as globally significant businesses.

Henry Tirri, chairman, AIF strategic steering group

The priority meaning of the AIF collaboration is to significantly improve the competitiveness of Finnish companies. AIF creates new solutions by combining usually separate areas of special knowledge, R&D platforms and resources, and uses these to create globally wanted products and services. The potential for company and research institute collaboration and competition requirements will be taken to a whole new level by providing the critical mass and knowledge from the partner talent pool and experience in a business-minded manner. Partners and specialization companies participate in projects with their own talent, tools and R&D environments.

Mika Klemettinen

The meaning of the AIF collaboration is to establish a permanent increase in R&D investments, which is necessary to achieve positive leverage and face the increasing global competition.

Mika Klemettinen, expert board member, AIF National Board

AIF increases Finnish competitive edge by combining business development, shared R&D environments, financing services, research and ecosystems. Allied ICT Finland is open to all Finnish companies of high-end technology, as well as companies from other industries and top tier research.

Pasi Tyrvainen

International companies and partners are welcome to collaborate with Finnish companies through our ecosystems.

Pasi Tyrväinen, vice chairman, AIF National Board

Our effect in numbers

Universities and research organisations
ICT projects per annum
ICT companies
Growth partnership ecosystems
Shared R&D and test environments
ICT researchers
Universities and research organisations
ICT projects per annum
ICT companies
Growth partnership ecosystems
Shared R&D and test environments
ICT researchers

Strategic Steering Group

Henry Tirri

Henry Tirri


Martti Hetemäki

Mika Anttonen

Reijo Karhinen

National Board Leadership

Arto Maaninen

Chairman of the Board

Pasi Tyrväinen

Deputy chairman of the board

Jaakko Sauvola

Executive director

National Board Members

Heidi Kuusniemi

Pekka Lehtovuori

Kalle Toivonen

Johan Lilius

Kari Smolander

Jouko Lampinen

Pauli Kuosmanen

Ville Leppänen

Pasi Raiskinmäki

Mirva Salokorpi

Matti Sarén

Henri Karppinen

Rami Kivilahti

Jari-Pekka Rontu

Anna-Kaisa Valkama

Mikko Puputti

Jarkko Paavola

Jorma Tuominen

Heini Wallander

Stefan Råback

Juuso Mikkonen

Sasu Tarkoma

Tommi Virtanen

Arto Pussinen

Niko Kyynäräinen

Pekka Sivonen

Anne Sandelin

Juha Ala-Mursula

National Board Deputy Members

Timo Antikainen

Lasse Pohjala

Essi Vanha-Viitakoski

Tanja Oksa

Janne Mustonen

Tommi Mikkonen

Kari Koskinen

Petri Välisuo

Margareta Björklund-Sankiaho

Ari Happonen

Jussi Kasurinen

Juhani Huttunen

Martti Lehto

Paavo Kosonen

Paavo Kosonen

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