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Functions – What we do and how

Growth Mill – The path to success begins here

Our Growth Mill function helps your company in finding the right partners, acquire the right expertise, get sparring in consortium financing process, hone the value chain and much more.

Growth Mill is the first part of our Runway process – the part where a lot of hard work gets done before you get to the actual development. Maybe you want to know more of the possibilities in global markets, or find someone who knows about something more than anyone else. Maybe you just want to check that your idea holds water. Or maybe you want to find a smaller company to subcontract for you. Whatever the reason, we have the tools for you.

We host Growth Mill events to spread the word, but if you can’t wait for one in your neighborhood, send us some mail.

Paavo Kosonen

Paavo Kosonen

Growth Mill Director,
+358 50 576 0952

Shared RDI environments 

Whether you need reduced time-to-market, rapid technology transfer, or just heaps of data – our partners probably have the solution for you.

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Marjo Leinonen

+358 46 923 1064

Shared RDI Environments offer your company access through low barrier services. Be it public or privately operated, we maintain a national list of RDI environments and an investment roadmap to ensure that needs from the industry are met through cutting edge infrastructures, built through joint effort and respecting regional competence profiles.

Funding Services

Funding services of the AIF network aims to maximize gathering of external funding.

We are your assistants when you have to find funding. We help you navigate the process to produce a strong and convincing application for your idea. We assist in finding sources of funding and connecting you with our network and partners. Our mission is to use our combined expertise network to acquire external funding.

Matti Kinnunen

Matti Kinnunen

Funding Services Director
+358 50 350 4091

Kirsi Andersson

Funding Services Tampere
+358 40 757 7233
kirsi.andersson (at)

Tiina Heinistö

Funding Services Turku
+358 40 5493 117
tiina.heinisto (at)

AIF Funding Services regularly attends EU brokerage events. See below for brokerage information. For our attendance and scheduling meetings, contact Matti Kinnunen.


Collaborate, initiate projects, find the suitable partners. Fenix is a tool that connects your company in the most efficient way possible.

With our completely free networking tool Fenix, you can easily browse through companies, research units, projects and funding. Start your own projects with a few clicks, and send out requests to the organizations or people you think might benefit.

Discover business opportunities, solution providers, start-ups, business incubators, funding and financing opportunities, research institutes, shared RDI environments, AIF ecosystems, public tenders….

For flexible matchmaking, why go elsewhere?

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