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Finnish IoT company Kaira Clan and the Finnish digital innovation hub and ecosystem for Internet of Things (IoT) SuperIoT have agreed to collaborate to support the international sales of the SuperIoT members – which includes more than 300 high-tech Finnish companies. Kaira Clan will act as one contract party towards foreign technology companies and public technology projects for SuperIoT member companies. The collaboration will be announced publicly in their joint webinar on April 7th and April 28th. For more information on the webinar, visit The webinar will focus on new, established and partner-ready project cases.

SuperIoT ecosystem is the nationwide active network of Finnish companies and research institutes to research, coordinate, and collaborate in order to serve their clients with the most suitable technological and competence mix for each project, from HW sensors all the way up to the cloud including the necessary software. “The forte of SuperIoT is our continuously growing member network of premium talent technology companies, which has always been a very lucrative offering for international development projects. The new collaboration will even further improve global rapid project acquisition for our member companies”, says Pekka Jokitalo, director of SuperIoT ecosystem.

From now on, Kaira Clan can take the legal responsibility in initiating and developing new projects and can access the SuperIoT network members for partner acquisition. Both SuperIoT and Kaira Clan can scout the market for suitable collaboration projects, but Kaira Clan has the last say whether a project is accepted for development. Kaira Clan can also be an administrative partner in a project.

Kaira Clan was founded to promote the sales of Finnish IoT know-how in international markets. The company creates one stop shop solutions based on individual needs of the client, emphasizing partner network services with Kaira Clan’s own integration competence. “We have built an international sales support network, which feeds us with the IoT needs from the clients, and advances the local sales for our partners’ existing solutions”, states Tero Blomqvist, board member for Kaira Clan. “Our model enables swift negotiations regarding requirements from the client. Based on these, with the help of our local talent, we can launch technical tests and create bids very quickly”, says Janne Siltari, chairman of the board. Kaira Clan currently has sales in 14 countries.

SuperIoT is part of the Allied ICT Finland consortium. The AIF consortium members include most of Finnish higher education organizations for technology and seven cities in Finland. This allows the ecosystem access to a wide range of industry, technology and service development and research, available to be made use of in future collaborations and partnerships.

Pekka Jokitalo, +358 40 500 5615,
Pirkko Taskinen, +358 40 506 2079,

Kaira Clan:
Alejandro Santacreu, +358 46 630 1952,

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