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Billions Of Growth Expected In Digitalization – North Europe’s Largest Collaboration Network Launches In Finland

Allied ICT Finland (AIF) combines 15 research institutes, eight cities, 12 business ecosystems, thousands of researchers and 2000 companies

Collaboration network aims to achieve a permanent boost in R&D investments and to establish a positive leverage to face increasing global competition

With new tools and methods, AIF creates possibilities to combine and utilize latest technologies in varied industries and for private and public sector collaboration

Special knowledge utilization means packaging partner strengths
Digitalization creates vast possibilities for growth, but new ways of agility, investments and partnership models are needed in order to succeed. Finland must be in the vanguard of new technologies and business opportunities. Allied ICT Finland offers a new model of action and investment, which aims to create a billion euro R&D leap. By combining multifaceted research, resources and R&D environments to a platform economy model, AIF creates a rapid R2B model. “Allied ICT Finland invests heavily in developing R&D value production as a nationally significant businesses”, says Henry Tirri, chairman of the strategic steering group of AIF.

Central focal points in the collaboration are wireless networks and devices, industrial Internet, artificial intelligence and machine learning, drone technologies, augmented and virtual reality technologies, game technologies, systems and platforms, printed electronics, new materials and sensors, cybersecurity and vertical technologies. “Financing is secured by utilizing several domestic and European funding instruments, capital investments from the companies themselves, and international partnerships”, says Arto Maaninen, chairman of the AIF national board.

Partnership with Allied ICT Finland produces internationally sought solutions
The priority meaning of the AIF collaboration is to significantly improve the competitiveness of Finnish companies. AIF creates new solutions by combining usually separate areas of special knowledge, R&D platforms and resources, and uses these to create globally wanted products and services. The potential for company and research institute collaboration and competition requirements will be taken to a whole new level by providing the critical mass and knowledge from the partner talent pool and experience in a business-minded manner. Partners and specialization companies participate in projects with their own talent, tools and R&D environments.

AIF increases Finnish competitive edge by combining business development, shared R&D environments, financing services, research and ecosystems. Allied ICT Finland is open to all Finnish companies of high-end technology, as well as companies from other industries and top tier research. “International companies and partners are welcome to collaborate with Finnish companies through our ecosystems”, says Pasi Tyrväinen, vice chairman of AIF board.

From spearhead technologies to frontrunners of digitalization
”The meaning of the AIF collaboration is to establish a permanent increase in R&D investments, which is necessary to achieve positive levarage to face increasing global competition”, says Mika Klemettinen, director of digitalization in Business Finland. A new model is built between the Allied ICT Finland partners, where research, cities and companies will gain from new model of platform economics and growth networks. The essential growth-positive principles are:

Shared and combined investments, roadmaps and infrastructures
Business development and best practice availability
New partnerships between actors and platform economics model
Creating business-driven ecosystems
Cross-pollination of talent and digital meeting places
AIF will become the junction of large amount of research and business partners, all utilizing latest models of network economics. AIF creates foundation to required critical mass for large international productions of technology and services, and offers significant international contacts to partners and clients in order to create effective project portfolios. With its new methods, the collaboration creates combinations of latest technologies for agile use in various industries for both public and private partners, especially creating unforeseen global solutions as collaboration projects between companies of different sizes and industries. Global openings include world’s first 6G technology flagship 6Genesis and artificial intelligence center FCAI.

“Finnish companies and research are globally top tier, but in order to develop market-successful solutions new kinds of partnerships are needed, as well as specifically tailored and integrated technologies. Our job is to find the best actors, visions and ideas, and develop them into globally desirable products and services”, explains Jaakko Sauvola, Director of AIF. Apart from new technologies, AIF creates improvements in existing business. “By making new technologies and new answers to existing questions, we can create competitive results for all industries”, says Jussi Paakkari from VTT Technological Research Centre of Finland Ltd.

Oulu: Top technologies combine into digital solutions
The innovation ecosystem of Oulu is internationally recognized partner in IoT technologies, software development, radio technologies and devices. By having highest available talent in 5G networks, printed electronics and machine learning, future products and services have a well-founded base. “The Smart Campus of the University of Oulu, VTT and Oulu University of Applied Sciences offers the best environment available for high technology ICT companies, partners and global clients”, says Jukka Riekki, member of AIF board.

The advanced knowledge of radio technologies in AIF is also present in the freshly started 6Genesis flagship project, where possibilities, technologies and utilization models of future radio networks are being researched for the first time in the world. “6Genesis is one of a kind, and we are in the vanguard of radio technology research globally”, says 6Genesis Program Director, academy professor Matti Latva-Aho from the University of Oulu.

Pirkanmaa: Runway to digital solutions for manufacturing industries
In Pirkanmaa, Allied ICT Finland operates with SMACC (Smart Machines and Manufacturing Competence Centre), a joint venture between Tampere University of Technology (TUT) and VTT in Tampere. For manufacturing companies in Pirkanmaa, SMACC offers a wide range of smart machinery and manufacturing research.
“Allied ICT Finland expands the ICT knowledge for our companies in the manufacturing industries. AIF therefore is a very natural partner for SMACC”, says professor Kari T. Koskinen from the Tampere University of Technology. In addition, AIF and SMACC have a common goal in sharing research environments and equipment to various companies. The SMACC Labs research network enables manufacturing industry companies an easy path to top tier equipment and knowledge

Turku: Allied ICT Finland supports the ongoing economic growth
The strong ICT talent in the Turku region will benefit from Allied ICT Finland, which enables the utilization of the latest models of network economics and offers new international contacts for the growth companies in the region. “The strong economic growth in several industries, especially marine and manufacturing industries but also health technologies and functional foods, receives a welcome boost when our companies and research partners can utilize specific ICT research”, notes Niko Kyynäräinen, CEO of Turku Science Park Ltd.

In the Turku region, AIF will be a part of Technology Campus Turku, a collaboration between the city of Turku, the four higher education facilities and Turku Science Park Ltd in order to strengthen the technology center of expertise. “The AIF network in part expands the diverse collaboration between our organisations, not dissimilar to what we’re achieving in Health Campus Turku”, says Kalervo Väänänen, rector of the University of Turku. “The change digitalization brings is visible also in medical and health sciences, where current topics are virtual hospitals, distant monitoring, gamification and robotics”, he adds.

Helsinki: A major role in the collaboration
In the Finnish capital, Allied ICT Finland supports the versatile and strong ICT R&D activities, and links it to a national level. Central areas of research are artificial intelligence, data science, IoT and new 5G solutions. ”AIF enables a boost in national base of expertise and synergies to a whole new level”, says member of AIF board, department director in the University of Helsinki Sasu Tarkoma.

One of the most important target areas of the AIF collaboration is the joint project of Aalto University and the University of Helsinki, Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI), which aims to make Finland a global leader in AI research and rapid research utilization. “FCAI connects the players of AI: universities, companies and the public sector”, Tarkoma notes.

Jyväskylä: core expertise in central role
In central Finland, Allied ICT Finland creates new solutions by combining usually separate expertise areas, R&D platforms and resources, and produces globally desirable products and services. “International and Finnish companies are welcome to acquire Finnish partners through our ecosystems”, says vice chairman of the AIF board, dean Pasi Tyrväinen from the University of Jyväskylä.

The strengths of the region’s companies and the regional expertise in ICT for wellbeing, cyber security and bio ICT fit well in the Allied ICT Finland toolkit for combining international products from the network of agile companies. “For concept developers, Hippos, the new hospital, Kangas region, teh cyber lab at the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences and the laboratories in the University of Jyväskylä offer a good platform for fast testing before market entry”, Tyrväinen points out.

Utilizing Finnish top technologies reaches a new level through collaboration
Allied ICT Finland holds several central industries – ecosystems – at its birth. These ecosystems focus in offering the best expertise in their respective industries for not only their own companies and research facilities, but for the needs of other ecosystems. For instance, analytics and artificial intelligence and growing in significance across industries, and IoT and drone technology offers answers in new ways for forestry or construction maintenance, to name a few. ”Digitalisation, new business models and fast technological advances make totally new scalable ways to deal with things than five or ten years ago was possible”, says Ville Leppänen, member of the AIF board.

Allied ICT Finland aims to creat new business for several billion Euro. “We have reached a point where creatively combining technologies, it is possible to create lucrative products and services to the market, while adhering to the principles of platform economics”, says Kari T. Koskinen, member of the AIF board.

Jaakko Sauvola,
AIF Director
+358 50 383 9272

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