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3D Virtual Laboratory

The modern 3D Virtual Laboratory brings effectiveness to 3D based engineering. In a virtual environment the models are in the same scale as in the final product, which helps to understand and perceive details in a concrete way. 3D Virtual Laboratory creates experiences that also promote the sales and marketing of your products.

Our setup consists of eighth Panasonic PT-DZ6000 series projectors with light output of approximately 50,000 ANSI lumens. The curved screen has seamless image with resolution 5380×1200 and the screen (13 x 2.5m, l x h) provides an opening angle of 180° with a 3.5m radius. Technology to form stereoscopic 3D image is passive hence the projectors in 3D virtual laboratory are double stacked.

We support immediate visualization and modifying possibilities for 3D CAD designs and Building Information Model (BIM) data which makes our large-scale set-up essential for e.g.:
• visualising architecture and building interiors
• visualising constructed areas and environments
• visualising machines and equipment
• gaming architecture and interaction research
• motion capture (with 12 high speed cameras)
• panoramic images & films and for
• simulators.

Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Kotkantie 1, 90250 Oulu

Contact: Janne Kumpuoja
tel. +358 50 317 46 53


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