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5G Test Network Oulu

5G Test Network (5GTN) facilities – from infrastructure to applications and services – offers unique testing possibilities for the most demanding needs for 5G trials from prototype devices to complete solutions in a controlled, real environment.The easily accessible 5GTN infrastructure combines latest commercial devices and applications with proof of concept equipment. The productized services of 5GTN enable efficient and productive trialing and verification possibilities for companies of all sizes, entrepreneurs, public authorities and research projects alike.

– Wireless access to IoT and LTE with subscription of 5GTN SIM
– Dedicated test environment for your own use
– 5G Specialist support at your service
– User and measurement equipment available for short-term loan
– Network Monitoring – perform measurements from a selected network elements and interfaces

University of Oulu and VTT, CWC at UnivOulu and VTT, Kaitoväylä 1

Contact: Esa Posio,

Keywords: 5GTN; IoT; LTE; LTE-M; 5G PoC; test environment; 6G; wireless; LoRa; WiFi; Zigbee;

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