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Arctic Drone Labs

Oulu drone Labs offers the opportunity to test drones and the sensors used in them in different environments and conditions. We are able to fly heavy payloads, as well as a variety of cameras from high-resolution RGB cameras to a hyperspectral cameras. We also offer drone-based data processing and analysis services.

• Sensor for testing and piloting
• for imaging
• Acquisition of hyperspectrum and multispectral data
• Acquisition of high-resolution footage
• To create photogrammetric models and export the models to the VR and AR worlds
• Drone data processing and analysis services

Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Yliopistokatu 9, 90570 Oulu

Contact: Mikko Posio
Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Linnanmaa Campus

Keywords: drone, hyperspectral, multispectral, VR, AR, photogrammetry, 3d-modelling

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