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Automated Driving

VTT has been carried connected and automated driving research more than 20 years. The domain do not cover only automotive industry customers but also heavily involving mobile machineries.

Development and validation facilities cover 4 automated vehicles and one mobile road unit
• Marilyn – urban driving
• Martti – inter-urban and rural areas
• Elvira – electric and automated
• Pate – off-road
• Marsu – traffic surveillance, 5G base-station, MEC server
The development activities are mostly software based focusing on:
• Sensor solutions – LiDAR, cameras, radars
• Connectivity – V2V and V2I communication, LTE/5G, ITS G5, Internet-of-Things
• Data processing – mobile edge-computing (MEC), optimizing in-vehicle data processing, cloud computing
• Sensor data fusion – visualization, spatial and temporary synchronization
• Positioning – inter unit (IMU), satellite positioning (GNSS), error correction (RTK, differential)
• Control functions – trajectory planning, control actuators
We are also conducting robot drive experiences with our vehicles to show and evaluate potential of automated driving in restricted areas. We have permissions to drive in Finland with full automation in real roads. The risk assessment and evaluation of automation benefits are results of those experiences.

VTT, Smart industry and energy systems, Niittyhaankatu 8, 33720 Tampere

Contact: Matti Kutila
tel. +358 40 820 8334


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