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Battery testing laboratory

Main purpose is to provide test possibilities for new generation (lithium and other new chemistries) battery cells and modules in different environmental conditions and charge/discharge profiles. Special conditions and usage profiles for batteries are goal for laboratory. Laboratory is under construction and will start operations in 2019.

Multiple cells test facilities with weather chambers
Multiple battery module test facilities with weather chambers
Tests for cells and modules with customer determined profiles
Possibility to test Battery Management Systems, BMS
Temperature profile measurements for battery cells and modules during the tests
Safety test monitoring for cells during hard use

Equipment which is in purchasing prosess now includes regenerative cell testers (goal 5V/500A), module testers (goal 100V/20A), different size of weather chambers, safety chamber, environment equipment necessary for all tests mentioned above.

Turku University of Applied Sciences, Turku, Joukahaisenkatu 3

Contact: Juha Nikkanen,

Keywords: battery, energy

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