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Biocenter – Tissue Imaging Center

BCO-TIC provides open access services on microscopic imaging for all users from the industry and academics. Services include wide range know-how and tools forstate-of-the art light microscopy techniques for detailed analysis of cells and tissue structures in fixed samples and dynamic processes of living cells and small animals. In electron microscopy specialties are immunoelectron microscopy, and transmission and scanning electron microscopic analysis of tissue ultrastructure. Services are not limited to biomedicine, but can be also applied in a variety of other areas in e.g. material and environmental sciences, and as a quality control technique for various industrial applications.

Sample preparation in laboratory environment, instrument operator, and image data analysis in light and electron microscopy. User support to choice of most suitable instrument and imaging methods. Personnel user training. Short term data storage, cell culture facilities, and histology laboratory for sample processing.

Light microscopy services include:
• Multiphoton microscopy with accessories for mouse intravital imaging.
• Laser scanning confocal microscopy
• Spinning disc confocal with fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP) and total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) modules.
• Light sheet fluorescence microscopy
• Fluorescence and bright light microscopy
• IVIS Spectrum for in vivo luminescence and fluorescence imaging
• Hyperspectral microscopy
• Optical projection tomography (OPT)
• Image data analysis (Bitplane Imaris, Huygens Professional, microscope-dedicated softwares) for post-processing and quantitative analysis, deconvolution, and volume rendering.
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Electron microcopy services include:
• Transmission electron microcopy
• Plastic embedding and thin sectioning
• High-pressure freezing and freeze substitution (HPF-FS)
• Immunoelectron microscopy (IEM)
• Negative staining
• Tomography
• Scanning electron microscopy
• Correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM)
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University of Oulu, Biocenter, Tissue Imaging Center, advanced light microscopy, electron microscopy, The Main Building of Medical Campus, Aapistie 5A, FI-90220 Oulu, Finland

Contact: Lauri Eklund
Head of the light microscopy core facility at Biocenter Oulu
Phone: +358 294 486073

Veli-Pekka Ronkainen
Light Microscopy Core Facility Manager
Phone: +358 294 486114

Ilkka Miinalainen
Electron microscopy
core facility coordinator
Phone: +358 294 486145


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