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CEMIS-Oulu is a Measurement Technology Unit in Kajaani University Consortium. It is a research unit completely dedicated to applied research. The unit possesses, produces and makes available knowledge and skills at high international level in analytical chemistry and bioanalytics with a focus on sensor development (including biosensors), optical spectroscopy and imaging measurements. The key application field areas are health & wellbeing, environmental monitoring and mining, food and forest industry.

Services include in addition to joint research project and contract research:
• manufacture of demonstration instruments and tools
• piloting of measurements and instrumentation
• expert consultation in biosensor and sensor technology
For biosensor and on-line sensor development the instrumentation includes:
• several potentiostats for electrochemical analysis (inc. open circuit potentiometery, impedance)
• two surface plasmon resonance instruments (both multi-parameter and can be connected to electrochemical flowcell)
• sputtering device for thin-layer metal and metal oxide films preparation
• 3D printer (extrusion and immersion)
• CO2 laser cutter, plotter-cutter, UV ozone cleaner for micro-fluidic fabrication and prototyping
• screen-printer EKRA suitable for the printing of electrodes on flexible substrates
The facility includes also instrumentation for state-of-art reference measurements:
• two gas chromatographies coupled with MSD and FID and three liquid chromatographies coupled with UV-Vis, fluorescence, RI and tandem mass spectroscopy
• spectrophotometers and multiwell-plate reader for detection of absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence and chemiluminescence
• three capillary electrophoresis apparatuses with UV-Vis and fluorescence detectors, one of which applicable to the field demonstrations
• sample pre-treatment facilities including spray dryer, freeze dryer,tangential filtration equipment (micro-, ultra-, or nanofiltration and reverse osmosis)

University of Oulu, Kajaani University Consortium, Measurement Technology Unit CEMIS-Oulu, CEMIS-Oulu, Technology Park, Kehräämöntie 7, 87400 Kajaani

Contact: • Cleantech and industry: Research Manager Jarkko Räty, Tel: +358-294-484638, E-mail: jarkko.raty(at)
• Health & wellbeing: Research Manager Pekka Kilpeläinen, Tel: +358-294-488111, E-mail pekka.t.kilpelainen(at)


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