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Centria Trial Environment

Centria trial environment allows researchers and developers to carry out experiments with large scale tests in the field trial environments. Centria trial environment is located at the Centria campus area and Ylivieska town center, Finland. Total coverage area of the trial environment is app. 4 km². Centria team has long experience of deployment of new technologies to environment. Trial environment has been used for several technology, algorithm, testing tool, system, and application level demonstrations.

• Test environment for 4G and beyond 4G services and technologies
• Competence of practical deployment of new technologies to test environment
• Field testing competence and services
• Support simulated environment research with real network measurement
The heterogeneous environment consists of following elements:
• FDD LTE 2.1 GHz macro cells
• TDD LTE 2.3 GHz macro cells
• TDD LTE 2.3 GHz small cells
• TDD LTE 3.5 GHz small cells
• WiFi Network

Centria University of Applied Sciences, Vierimaantie 7, Ylivieska, Finland

Contact: Marjo Heikkilä
+358 44 4492507


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