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CNL Converging Networks Laboratory

Knowledge Intensive Products and Services focus on data science, future communications and sensing and measurements. VTT’s Converging Networks Laboratory (CNL) provides an environment where research and companies can innovate, prototype and test products in a future wireless and fixed network infrastructure.

Technology consulting, roadmapping. Prototyping of new services. Performance measurements. Testing of services, applications, products and hardware.
CNL services include:
• Network performance measurements: Wireless and fixed end-to-end communication measurements accurately using Qosmet tool.
• WLAN and Mobile network measurements in lab and field
• iOS and Android applications collecting data to server backends (JSON, no-SQL/SQL databases)
• Listening and conversational VoIP quality estimation based on QoS measurements
• Video and general real-time data stream quality estimation
• Sensors and data collection (IoT sensors, gateways, data collection)
• Intelligent, distributed decision making for apps and services (based on monitoring / collected data) using CORE+ and DDE tools
• Network management related research (Virtualised network components)
• We can make purchases for equipment and software for projects use.
CNL Assets:
• Network load generator (Rugged Tools)
• Vector-signal generator up-to 6GHz
• Panasonic Toughbooks for field network measurements
• LTE two cell test network with SIM cards (AmariSoft)
• Different WLAN access points
• Fixed WIMAX base station and CPE at 3.5GHz
• High-speed core network 10Gbps and 1Gbps optical and Ethernet. 1Gbps Internet access. IPv6, Mobile IP, mobility and handover support
• Mobile phones (Android, iOS), iPads, Android tablets
• VMware VSphere, Xen virtualisation for servers (several Dell and Huawei Servers, EMC disk array solution)
• Gitlab and SVN version control systems
• OPNET network simulation tool
• Nethawk M5 Analyzer, Nethawk RNC/Iub simulator, Nemo Outdoor, Qosmet, Moset and, D-ITG, JTG, netem, wireshark
• Wi-Spy Spectrum analyzer 2.4GHz and 5GHz
• Eduroam, AAA

VTT, Knowledge intensive products and systems, Kaitoväylä 1, 90590 Oulu

Contact: Marko Palola
tel. +358 40 726 1886

Jyrki Huusko
tel. +358 40 525 4698


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