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Engine Research Laboratory

Engine Research Laboratory offers many research services for large piston engines and their applications. We are eagerly seeking new methods and science-based innovations for minimizing emissions and after-treatment techniques. We study new alternative fuels including bio fuels, emulsions, condensates and gases to increase the electric efficiency and energy balance of engines and engine power plants.

In the near future, real-time monitoring of various attributes related to engines, emissions and fuel will become an everyday aspect of engine operation. We are equipping our laboratory environment to support IoT-related research, enabling the development of intelligent engines and related information systems.

Engine Research Laboratory offers a wide variety of research services related to:
• Medium-speed engines, high-speed engines
• Alternative fuels and fuel systems
• Measurements of emissions
• After treatment methods
• Combustion process analyses
• Energy efficiency
• Heat recovery systems
Additional related services:
• Condition based maintenance
• Noise emission pediction
• Process models and control algorithms
• Kinematics, tribology
• Materials
• Transducers and wireless sensor systems
• Energy balance and flexible power generation

VTT, Smart Industry and Energy Systems, Biologinkuja 5, 02150 Espoo

Contact: Jukka Lehtomäki
tel. +358 40 511 8320


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