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Fab Lab Oulu

A Fabrication Laboratory is an innovative, multidisciplinary and collaborative space for students, researchers, industry and anyone. It is focused on digital fabrication and has abilities to produce fully functional devices from the scratch, including electronics, programming, data communication, mechanics, design, business plan, etc. Fab Labs are derived from MIT’s Center of Bits and Atoms. They have local identity and global community. Almost 600 fab labs all around the world share their knowledge.

Fab Lab teaches the use of several processes to make full systems from the scratch such as:
• Laser engarving and cutting
• 3D-printing
• Electronics design
• Electronics production
• Embedded programming
• Programming
• Vinyl cutting
• Precision Milling
• Milling
• Casting rubber and plastinc
• Composites
• Building machines

University of Oulu, Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, University of Oulu, Linnanmaa campus

Contact: Jani Ylioja, E-mail, Tel. +358 50 575 4293


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