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GAM Platform

Global Asset Management (GAM) is innovative cloud-based service architecture and platform. GAM platform supports traditional industrial companies by providing new solutions and opportunities for global information management concerning their products and services. In addition to this the platform enables Industrial internet technologies (Big data, IoT, smart sensors) related research and innovation in VTT’s own environment. GAM platform is based on Microsoft Azure IoT services.

GAM service architecture and platform enables testing and verification of research results in industrial-like and secure information system environment. Expandability, modularization, open interfaces and information modelling make it possible to start hands-on research work in projects in the very beginning of the schedules.

GAM platform services include:
• Basis for building various cloud-based applications and services
• Full chain of information management from sensors/devices to the cloud, visualisation of data, and further integration to business systems
• Support for decision-making
• Support for building applications based on any Microsoft Azure services
VTT’s GAM-based services:
• Specification, design, implementation, testing, and consulting for building of cloud-based IoT and industrial internet applications
• Case- and domain-specific data analysis services
• Implementation of case-specific applications and piloting for various domains

VTT, Smart industry and energy systems, Virtual R&D environment

Contact: Jere Backman
tel. +358 40 746 4887


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