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Material Performance Laboratory

Material Performance Laboratory provides the knowledge of materials, degradation mechanisms and material/component-service environment interactions to supoort life management, maintenance and operability services for the industry.

Material Performance Laboratory services include:
• Influences of fabrication and chemical & physical service environments on material performance
• On-line monitoring and off-line solutions to evaluate component/material performance either in laboratory or plant scale
• Degradation mechanisms (corrosion, creep, fatigue, wear etc), failure analysis and prevention
• Tribological investigations (wear, friction and lubricants)
• Analytical and numerical modelling of material behaviour
• Accredited facilities and procedures for materials characterisation (ISO 9001)

VTT, Smart industry and energy systems, Kemistintie 3, Otaniemi, 02150 Espoo

Contact: Satu Tuurna
tel. +358 40 566 8179

Pekka Pohjanne
tel. +358 50 359 7171

Tuomas Pinomaa
tel. +358 40 6873054

Web site:
VTT Properscan
VTT Preventing Corrosion
VTT Tribology


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