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MIKES Metrology

MIKES Metrology is a research area specialised in measurement science at VTT and its facilities are located in Espoo and Kajaani. We provide measurement solutions for industry, commerce, and research. As the National Metrology Institute of Finland, MIKES Metrology realises the SI units and provides the basis of reliability for measurements in Finland.

High-accuracy measurements require good facilities. When targeting the lowest uncertainties, the measurement accuracy is often limited by the properties of the laboratory where the experiments are performed. Moreover, the development and characterisation of high-accuracy equipment is easier, when noise sources rising from the environment are eliminated. The MIKES building at Espoo is designed especially for metrology and accurate measurements. It has unique laboratories with respect to the stability of ambient conditions, electric noise and vibration isolation. Furthermore, the laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation for a variety of precision measurements. MIKES Kajaani offers facilities for force, torque, mass and water flow measurements.

We at MIKES Metrology are experts in everything related to measurements. We offer targeted services for special needs of industry and research either at MIKES or on site and provide cost-effective and flexible calibration of customer equipment.

Research and Development:
• measurement systems
• measurement methods
• measuring devices and sensors
• data analytics

• length and geometry
• mass and weigh
• temperature and humidity
• electricity
• acoustics
• time, time intervals and frequency
• industrial measurements: power, torque, large masses, water flow

Training in:
• reliability of measurements
• traceability
• uncertainty analysis

VTT, Knowledge Intensive Products and Services, Tekniikantie 1, 02150 Espoo
Tehdaskatu 15, Puristamo 9D17, 87100 Kajaani

Contact: Martti Heinonen
tel: +358 400 686 553

Petri Koponen
tel. +358 40 660 9709


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