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Wireless sensor and actuator network (WSAN) is a group of distributed specialized sensors to monitor physical or environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, vibration intensity etc., and implement the control based on the results of sensing. Sensors cooperatively pass their data through the network to a main location.
Traditionally sensor networks rely on point solution, which is specific for the application. Our mWSAN structure is more generic and aims for multipurpose solutions, which is one of the corner stone of IoT. This makes our platform perfect solution for research and development of the related topics.

SRE can be used for:
• Internet of things (IoT) research
• Smart grids prototyping
• Flexible and modular structure of the sensors allows us to build wide range of applications.
• Modular design enables easy, time and cost-efficient prototyping and facilitates re-use of previous hardware and software solutions
SRE includes:
• modular sensor network hardware
• Core boards
• IEEE 802.15.4, 802.15.4a, Bluetooth smart radio modules
• WLAN, LTE and Wide Area IoT compatible radio modules under development
• Environment sensors
• Interface and power supply boards
• software components created to drive hardware components
• GUI and database software solutions
• experts for using and modifying current system
• all necessary tools for programming the devices and measurement tools

University of Oulu, Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC), Wireless Networking Laboratory (WNL), University of Oulu, Linnanmaa campus

Contact: Tuomo Hänninen
+358 50 575 8340


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