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OTA Testing Laboratory

Verkotan Provides wireless performance testing and certification services. We offer high quality OTA (Over the Air) testing, consulting and analysis services for the wireless industry.

• OTA Certification
• Wireless performance testing
• Carrier approvals
• Performance testing with disturbance
• Consulting regarding wireless testing

• 3 OTA testing laboratories
• 3D Multipath MIMO laboratory
• Protoshop
• Tapered chamber
• 2 RF chambers

Verkotan test system is developed inhouse. This gives us flexibility to
• develop new test cases to fit the customer need
• modify test cases on the fly

Our skilled personnel can help you to:
• understand certification and operator requirements
• identify problem root causes
• innovate new test methods

Verkotan Oy, Elektroniikkatie 17, 90590, Oulu

Contact: Kari Komonen,, +358 40 5001241
Pekka Jokitalo,, +358 40 5005615


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