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OuluZone Automation

Ouluzone Automation is a new R&D environment and centre for car and working machinery technology and infrastructure construction automation and robotics. The owner of the facility and large land area is Oulu City.
There is a company Ouluzone Operointi Oy, which operates the practical use of the centre. Currently, there are new building facilities as well as several different racecourses available for both the car racing purposes as well as for technology and process test purposes.
In collaboration with Business Oulu, University of Oulu, VTT, OAMK and OSEKK, the centre has versatile available resources for car and work machinery experiments and information modeling based automation tests. For example, tens of different types of real working machines are available for research and education purposes with very reasonable costs, the current racing roads offer plenty of car and tyre testing purposes, in collaboration with invited technology companies there are possibilities to arrange very many different ICT based and automated experiments of different working processes, etc.

• Modeling and surveying (Infrastructure area Building Information Modeling, UAV testing and development, survey cameras, IR cameras)
• Machinery testing and development (excavator, bulldozer, mining, drilling), testing, references, comparisons
• 3D data and machine on-line control
• The whole working area process (information modeling, fleet management, whole work process control and management)
• Autonomous and unmanned vehicle and machine testing
• Machine-to-Machine communication with new networks (4G, 4LTE, 5G)

Business Oulu, Ouluzone Operointi Oy, University of Oulu, VTT, OAMK, OSEKK, About 30 km from Oulu to North, Kiiminki, Kuusamontie 3250, 91310 Arkala

Contact: • University of Oulu, Rauno Heikkilä, +358 40 5385840,
• VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Esa Viljamaa, +358 40 0911201
• Business Oulu, Olli Lukkari, + 358 40 593 7465,
• OSAO, Marko Hyyryläinen,


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