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PrinLab laboratory diversifies the printed electronics and diagnostics development environment and supports different printed intelligence projects. At Oulu UAS, the applied research of printed intelligence includes, for example in:
• Printed technology: developing and printing new functionalities and applications
• Printed electronics: printing electronics components
• Printed diagnostics: printing rapid diagnostics components and materials

• Printed electronics design
• Material testing
• Printability testing with different techniques
• Printed electronics and diagnostics manufacturing
• Component and application testing
• Printed electronics education and consulting
• Design and manufacturing of electrochemical sensors
• Feasibility studies of electrochemical biosensors

Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Kotkantie 1, 90250 Oulu

Contact: Printed Intelligence:
Harri Määttä
tel. +358 50 599 66 12

Printed (Bio)analytics:
Marja Nissinen
tel. +358 50 598 25 67


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