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Separation Technologies

ECE has membrane separation equipment for liquid and gas phase, and adsorption and distillation equipment which can be used for e.g. water purification and for the separation of alcohol-water mixtures. Membrane separation equipment can also be used for the separation and concentration of valuable components, for the recovery of dissolved heavy metals and nutrients and for the separation of volatile compounds.

We offer testing of micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration as well as reverse osmosis in laboratory and bench scale withvarious flat sheet, tubular and hollow fibre membrane units.
Automated bench scale Äkta Crossflow system is available for fast and reliable micro- and ultrafiltration crossflow filtrations for screening and process optimization.
Laboratory scale pervaporation unit is available for separation and dehydration of organic compounds from aqueous solutions and separation of organic mixtures.
Membrane separation of gas mixtures (e.g. methane and CO2) can be performed with a laboratory scale gas membrane unit. Gas flows (e.g. CH4, CO2 and H2S) can be analysed online.
Statistical design of experiment can be used to obtain all valuable informationfrom the experiments and to optimize the experimental setup.

University of Oulu, Faculty of Technology, Environmental and Chemical Engineering Research Unit (ECE), University of Oulu, Linnanmaa campus

Contact: Riitta Keiski,, 0294 482348


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