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HILLA Soccer develops a platform for location based services for soccer games and training including:

• Indoor positioning:
• ±15 cm 2D accuracy at soccer field
• Online tracking of the players and balls
• Based on Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radio positioning (TDOA)
• UWB tag system building blocks
• Positioning and sensor tag for players and balls
• Positioning base stations
• Special ball structure to enable tag integration inside a ball
• Soccer Position Server
• Offers position information for any external services based on real time position information on the players and balls
• The base technology may be utilized in other application areas:
• Asset tracking: Indoor, construction field, mine field
• Mobile work machine tracking
• Person tracking: Security and safety applications

Project active: 05/2016–03/2017

Project partners: OAMK / University of Oulu / VTT

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