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Vehicle and Engine Laboratories

Vehicle and Engine Laboratories focuses mainly on practical testing and implementation of measuring environmnets. Our main expertise include adjusting and optimizing the engine management, implementing data acquisition for various applications, analyzing and utilizing collected data in research and development work that is done together with an extensive international co-operation network which consists of enterprises, car manufacturers and universities.

• Rototest VPA RX 4WD Chassis Dynamometer (400 kW / 4000 Nm)
• Schenk / Horiba Engine Testbed
• Back2Back Torque Test Bench for Electric Engines, generators and mechanical transmissions
• Emission Measurement System (CO, CO2, HC, O2, NO, NO2 and NOx + Micro GC for Woodgas Components)
• Combustion Analysis Measurement System
• CHP R&D Unit for Distributed Energy Production (CNG, Biogas, Woodgas)

Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Kotkantie 1, 90250 Oulu

Contact: Arto Lehtonen
tel. +358 400 645 183

Janne Ilomäki
tel. +358 50 430 1344


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