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Water and geotechnical measurements

Our facilities are related to field measurements, laboratory, pilots and modelling applications including various water and soil analysis equipment’s and measures. We can do in-situ and laboratory measurements and analysis. Our laboratory have various equipment’s, including those for expansion, frost heave, leaching and adsorption tests, and oedometer. Among the properties to be determined are the particle size distribution and structure, hydraulic properties, shear strength and compressibility. We have facilities for various in-situ measurements from water quality, quantity and soil properties for one time and/or continuous measurements campaigns. There is also a Picaro-instrument for measuring stable isotopes from waters.
Modelling applications includes modelling of catchment hydrology and water quality, hydrodynamics, groundwater and numerical or physical geotechnical modelling.
Research unit and laboratories offer services to projects, institutes and companies. For example, analysis related to surface-, and groundwaters and wastewaters and physical and chemical properties of soils, waters and industrial by-products. We also offer know-how and expert knowledge from hydrological and geotechnical applications in environmental engineering fields

Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Research Unit have a close co-operation with national and international research partners, environmental authorities, industry, and end-users.
We seek active collaboration in the fields of both research and teaching with local, national and international partners. If you are interested in cooperation in large research projects or smaller analysis services, you can familiarize with the laboratory’s research know-how and equipment.

University of Oulu, Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Research Unit, Faculty of Technology, University of Oulu, Linnanmaa campus

Contact: • Research unit leader: Prof. Björn Klöve,, +358 294 48 4510
• Geotechnical measurements: Anne Tuomela,, +358 294 48 4347


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